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        Students will learn

How to engage in the process of drawing from observation and life as well as incorporating their own creative ideas and styles into a piece of art digitally.

How to incorporate a thematic interpretation from another art form; “Music from a Band”, into artwork

How to use technology as a tool within  artwork.

How to develop a wide range of drawing techniques, terminology and media applications.

How to improve original drawing abilities as well as technological abilities and develop one’s own style of creativity.

How to create a piece of artwork, digital or traditional that shows balanced proportion, fluid line, proportion, value and good composition.

How to appropriately use assorted art media to render a piece of artwork.


Create an original CD cover based on a Band or Music of your choice or a made up one.

All work must be the exact size of a CD cover 4 3/4 x 5

Back and front must have art work on it.

All work could be inserted into an actual CD case if one is available. If one is not available, mount on card board. If the piece is done on the computer it must show a play list, front and back cover and needs to be handed in electronically. I can be inserted into a word document.

Artwork may employ any medium; pen and ink, paint, collage, watercolor, computer generated, colored pencil, oil paint, chalk or oil pastel.

Work must show craftsmanship, skill and artistic integrity.

Work must show the appropriate theme. Copywrite is important here. This work may not be copied!