Student Artwork


                       LETTERING WITHIN AN IMAGE






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Students will learn

  • To successfully control calligraphy pens.
  • To successfully use Paint shop pro/Microsoft digital imaging suite, to manipulate lettering within an image.
  • How to create a professional artistic looking, balanced original graphic. Students will learn how to do this, traditionally by hand, and by using a digital imaging computer program. Students will understand how to create consistent lettering and original decorative elements using a computer and by hand.
  • The art and history of calligraphy and decorative arts by observing the work of assorted calligraphy and decorative artists.
  • The art of computer enhanced calligraphy by observing assorted computer enhanced work created by graphic designers. A calligraphy java enhanced website called Bemboo's zoo will be a key component to this lesson.
  • How to turn lettering/calligraphy elements into design and image.


  • 2 Finished piecesí must be completed. The hand made version will be mounted on matt board and handed in. The computer generated version will be uploaded to SharePoint or emailed to Mrs. Suprock.
  • Each Art-Work must be at least 9x12 in size
  • Any style of calligraphy can be used. Students should pick a style from the assorted calligraphy books and samples in the classroom and on the computer.
  • Work must be creative in nature and can be done in colored black ink and on the computer.
  • Work must show craftsmanship and skill.
  • Work must show an image within the lettering. See samples in gallery!
  • Work must be consistent with the RI art standards.