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_________Use plastic wrap and Dab paint in your sketch book to create a fab color piece

_________Use masking tape to create a linear design then use different painting techniques to paint over it. When dry take off the tape.

_________ illustrate a word in its creation; see samples

Zoom, Hot, Colorful……….at least 4 letters; use computer and traditional methods.

_________Pick 8 elements or principles of art and design, and illustrate them in your sketchbook. Practice in the interactive elements and principles website.

_________Sponge paint a page and then using the dip; calligraphy, pens. Write a 4

letter word and embellish it with marker, pen, collage ect… be creative

_________Find 6 different fonts in a magazine, on the computer or the newspaper. Reproduce the fonts in your sketchbook in the following ways:

1. Tracing__2.Direct observation__3.Collaging the inside of a bubble letter__  4. On the computer

_________Look @ Bembos zoo's  web site and then create your own animal out of lettering. Use water color paper for this one. Make it in Black sharpie or india ink and then when its dry, brush a wash of watercolor over the piece. See samples.

_________Do a realistic or surrealistic illustration of your choice in pencil; It must have some realism within in it. Do not copy someone else’s drawing! Be creative! Then…. go over it with sharpie and when it’s dry, practice the use of water color over sharpie or india ink.

________Invent a new insect and create a collaged environment/ space for it. Marker, colored pencil, sharpies, water color.

_________Design a new candy bar label/ wrapper for a fictitious candy bar.

_________ Look in a magazine and find a cereal add that you like. Cut the add out and paste it into your sketch book. On the opposite page write a 2 paragraph critique on the advertisement. Talk about the quality of the artwork and design, target audience, lettering/ typography and if the add is successfully presented. Be prepared to present your cereal add to the class.








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