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Arrangement of Map Concepts

Main map concepts are easily identified; sub-maps branch appropriately from main idea

Main concept maps easily identified; most sub-concept maps branch from main idea.

Main concept maps are not clearly identified; sub-concept maps donít consistently branch from main idea.

Links and Linking Lines

Linking lines connect related terms/point in correct direction; linking words accurately describe relationship between concepts; hyperlinks effectively used

Most linking lines connect properly; most linking words accurately describe the relationship between concepts; most hyperlinks effectively used.

Linking lines are not always pointing in the correct direction; linking words donít clarify relationships between concepts; hyperlinks donít function or fail to enhance the topic.


Graphics are used appropriately and greatly enhance the topic. They also aid in comprehension, are of good quality, appropriate and well situated on the page.

Graphics are used appropriately most of the time; most graphics selected enhance the topic, are of good quality, and are situated in logical places on the page.

Graphics used inappropriately and or excessively; graphics poorly selected and donít enhance the topic; some graphics are blurry and ill-placed.


Reflects essential information; is logically arranged; concepts concisely presented; no misspellings or grammatical errors

Reflects most of the essential information; is generally logically arranged; concepts presented without too many excess words; fewer than three misspellings or grammatical errors.

Contains extraneous information; is not logically arranged; contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors.


Easy to read and appropriately sized; no more than three different fonts; amount of text is appropriate for intended audience; boldface used for emphasis.

Most text is easy to read; uses no more than four different fonts; amount of text generally fits intended audience.

Font too small to read easily; more than four different fonts used; text amount is excessive for intended audience.


Clean design; high visual appeal; four or fewer symbol shapes; fits page without a lot of scrolling; color used effectively for emphasis.

Design is fairly clean, with a few exceptions; diagram has visual appeal; four or fewer symbol shapes; fits page well; uses color effectively most of time.

Cluttered design; low in visual appeal; requires a lot of scrolling to view entire diagram; choice of colors lacks visual appeal and impedes comprehension.

*This rubric was re-written in some areas based on a rubric written by Karen Franker. Instructor, Inspiration & Kidspiration: Tools to Increase Study Skills and Comprehension; 2004-2007