Your sketchbook will prove to be very
valuable to you throughout the year.
Each student is responsible to keep a sketchbook.
It will be graded using the sketchbook rubric below.
A sturdy black 9 by 11 book style is preferred, as you will be using it almost every day.

Your Sketchbooks will include

All sketchbook assignments will be completed within your sketchbooks.
They will include:
*The many
classroom handouts received in class.
*Your writing, incidental notes, and brainstorming lists.
 *Clippings of images.
*Preliminary sketches.
*Historical & Cultural references 
*Journaling / writing & Reflections
and written critiques



                      SKETCHBOOK RUBRIC


Possible Points

Points Earned

Artwork displays evidence of specific assignment criteria required by the sketchbook assignment.


Artwork displays a mature understanding of artistic integrity, willingness to experiment, and evidence of the beginning of a student specific style.


Artwork displays a wide range of evidence in the understanding and applicationof the elements and principles of art and design


Artwork, writing and research within the sketchbook display evidence of student understanding of cultural and historical relevance.


Artwork displays multiple evidence that the student has tried to challenge him or herself.


Artwork within the sketchbook is accompanied by thoughtful displays that include evidence of brainstorming, journaling, media techniques, and research.